Hair loss can affect both men and women at almost any stage of life. Luckily, reclaiming your healthy hair may just be a matter of finding a nourishing, targeted hair care routine. A helpful hair care routine will cleanse and condition your hair, but a hair care routine for thinning hair will also lift, thicken, and invigorate your hair.

Below is a 3-step system to getting your hair healthy with invati.

The Invati Advanced™ exfoliating shampoo uses naturally derived ingredients, making it both gentle and effective. The formula takes advantage of Wintergreen-derived salicylic acid to help remove the scalp build-up that can clog pores, making way for hair that’s long and strong. It also uses a blend of Ayurvedic herbs including ginseng and certified organic turmeric to invigorate the scalp when you massage it in. Unlike other shampoo for thin hair, this formula also includes a plant-based conditioner that helps nourish and detangle your hair as you’re washing it.

The next step in the Invati Advanced™ system is the thickening conditioner. Conditioning the hair is just as important as cleansing it, as it adds the moisture and nourishment your hair needs to be healthy. Like all Aveda conditioner, the Invati Advanced™ thickening conditioner moisturises and protects the strands of your hair. However, the thickening conditioner also makes your hair look and feel thicker. Certified organic amla lifts your hair from the root, creating a voluminous finish. The formula uses naturally derived amino acids to mimic your hair’s building blocks, which helps to strengthen your strands and create healthier hair.

The last step in the Invati Advanced™ system is the scalp revitaliser. Scalp care is an essential ingredient in healthy hair, as the scalp is the foundation of strong, vibrant hair. Our scalp revitaliser cleanses and invigorates the scalp when massaged in, helping to reduce hair loss due to breakage when used as part of the 3-step system.

The formula includes a patented bio-fermented blend to invigorate the scalp as you massage the product with your fingers. A fusion of tangerine peel and Japanese knotweed penetrate the scalp and support your hair’s natural keratin. By purifying and revitalising the scalp, your hair has a healthy place to grow.

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