Meet LUJY

Lujy is a  hairstylist in our Castle Towers salon.

She has been doing hair and makeup for more than 9 years.

“Working in the hair & beauty industry taught me so much about loving your natural beauty & embracing it rather than changing it.” 

 Lujy loves working with  natural curls and natural products. Working with Aveda products is a dream for Lujy, so we sat her down and got her to tell us her favourite products.

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Lujy’s go-to product is the volumizing tonic by Aveda.

“I love the volumizing tonic for blowdry & styling because it’s so weightless & creates so much volume & shine.”

Lujy says she uses it on every client, and that they will always ask what is was after.

 The volumizing tonic gives the illusion that you have more hair. Lujy says it stays in your hair for a few days. All you need to do, is spray it on the roots after a shower and before you blow dry. 


The botanical repair range by Aveda are Lujy’s other favourite products to work with.

“If you haven’t tried the range, you have to. It is a game changer.”

To see if you clove it (we are so sure you will), we recommend our discovery kits. They retail for $45 but as a pack come down to $39.

If you know you love the range, shop the strengething hair trio. This pack is valued at $118, as a trio it comes down to $99. It also comes with a free Aveda comb, valued at $25.

There are two types of the trio:

botanical repair rich masque strengthening trio 

botanical repair light masque strengthening trio 

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